Hey guys!
This is my first article and it´s about a few of my favovourite series.
I totally enjoy watching Netflix in my bed or watching TV. Especially when it is cold outside. So have fun and happy binge watching!!

  • Pretty Little Liars - That is just an amazing series! I loved it and would recommend it to every girl, who likes mystery and love.
  • Riverdale - I am sooo in love with it! I am at season 2 already and exactly where it stopped.
  • Gossip Girl - This is perhaps the best series for girls. It´s about relationships, rich teens and their problems. I think everyone knows Serena and Blair!
  • H2O just add water - The first series I´ve ever watched! And I still love it. It´s about three girls, who become mermaids and their problems.
  • Shadowhunters - It´s a fantasy series with some action and love. Perfect!

These are my favourite series and I would recommend everyone to you! Just watch some episodes if you don´t know one of my favourite series and you will love them. I promise!

Thanks for reading!
Bye and lots of love,