Hi Dolls! This article is long overdue i know, due to the fact that I've been debating what the next topic should be. I was going to do a topic around positivity but I will leave that for another time.

What i have to discuss today is something that I think we can all relate with. Sometimes we look at others and try to compare ourselves to them, or we may even try to go as far as competing! That there is a NOOOOO!

We tend to forget that everyone is at a different stage in life. You cant go comparing yourself to another person and then when you feel NAH i'm slacking, you then will have the urge to compete.

IMAGE! you might have heard of the term (image) which if you live in London (UK) you know is a word that describes doing things for the approval of others. Go watch this episode from BKCHAT LDN to understand what i mean in more detail (https://youtu.be/fhVIwwgcosw)

First of all you cant compete where you don't compare, you are never going to win. You are you for a reason.

It's quite sad actually as I find that girls seem to be so drawn into this, where they compete and compare. STOP IT! More times no one actually cares cause everyones working on themselves. Some girls will even go as far as faking a friendship with you just to get tips on how you manage your self (get your money, style your hair, your man, clothes OMG i'm actually DEAD LOL). I've had this happen to me and i was just like REALLYYYYYYYYY! Lol.

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The only person you should be competing with really is the person you were yesterday! Stop competing and comparing yourself with others, even people you hardly know! Work hard for what you want and you wont have to do any of that!

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