okay, okay, I know what you're thinking. you should probably get a boyfriend, or even a date first before thinking about getting married. but let me tell you, I have been dreaming all my life for how I want my wedding day to be like. will it be simple, have 100 guests, will I be halfway across the world or in the backyard?
all these ideas, so little time.

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hair. I love the idea of wearing a flower crown for my wedding. because I love flowers. and you know, why not?
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dress. okay, I haven't figured out what type of dress I want. hence, the array of various styles. but I would go for something simple, possibly strapless. I don't know. I need help.
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flowers. my favourite colour is peach. so I would love to have a bouquet with that colour in it. maybe with white as well.
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bridesmaid dresses. I think I would try for maybe a pastel colour. I definitely want every bridesmaid to feel beautiful in their dress.
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location. there are so many beautiful locations that come to my mind when I think of my wedding day. one would definitely be in the mountains or in a open space. I know the weather would have to be perfect but hey, we'll give it a go.
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reception. the feel I would be interested in rustic backyard, intimate vibes. with a dance floor because that's important.

honeymoon destinations.
I would like to honeymoon at someplace fun. somewhere that has adventure, but also relaxing. does that even make sense? I'm also trying to be creative with my destinations.

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The Azores, Portugal.
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Amalfi, Italy.
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well, that's enough dreaming for now.