So lets be real, we all feel insecure about something, whether its our body, personality or appearance, we all have it. But most people don't understand how normal it is to not like something about yourself, and that it's completely ok to feel this way.
I'm insecure about my body, skin and personality. Although, I've learnt that I'm the only one who sees my imperfections. I'm the only one who will stare in the mirror for hours each day looking at every mark and bump on my face, I'm the one looking at my body and comparing it to thousands of photos online showing 'perfect' girls, I'm the only one who looks at myself and searches for everything wrong about me and ignores everything thats beautiful. and damn there's a lot of beauty.

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I'm proud to say that I love myself! Yes somedays I can't completely believe that I'm beautiful. But every morning I wake up, look in the mirror and simply say "you're beautiful and you deserve the best." I hope that you can also believe that you're beautiful and learn to love yourself, including the imperfections.

Own who you are, and be proud. You're a unique beauty, don't waste it!

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