Have you ever heard of being an Au Pair? I think it's getting more popular here in Australia. What a great experience! If you are interested in getting to know a different culture better being an Au Pair is the perfect solution for you. Why? Because you actually live with a local family that is part of this culture. You experience the daily life with them and they can teach you about their customs and traditions.

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I've always dreamt of going to Sydney one day and now I'm actually living here!!
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I am so in love with Sydney Harbour and the amazing Opera House and Harbour Bridge. I'm still so fascinated although I can see it everyday.
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On a nice sunny day it is definitly worth it to spend the day on a boat. If you can not afford your own one just take the ferry it will give you the same feeling and you have an epic view on the skyline of Sydney.
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Sydney is so special I can not compare it to any other city ( and I've been to a lot of cities). Not like any european city or american city. Just amzin! <3

That's what I'm doing in my gap year. I am an au pair for an australian family in Sydney. It's a dream! I've never met such friendly and generous people like my host parents. I will stay with them for six months and help them looking after their children.

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