I know I post these sporadically, which kinda ruins the whole point of the 30 day tag, but there's a few reasons for that. Some that I do not care to list. Anyways, it takes quite a bit to get me riled up, especially in a way that's consistent enough to be listed as a "pet peeve". I had trouble coming up with the few that I did manage, at first I thought it was due to writer's block so I thought a change of scenery would help. I went to the park this weekend, notebook in hand, pens galore in my pockets. That didn't help. At all. I honestly don't know why I thought going outside in the evening with the dying of sunlight casting a golden glow all around me, illuminating natures beauty further would help me think of things that irk me. With that being said, here's what I came up with:

1. Being mocked/imitated by my siblings
- Although I love those little gremlins to death, the moment they start mocking me my whole mood does a complete 360. They usually use it as a way to get back at me if I'm winning an argument, it definitely works. They'll pull out all the stops, using ugly voices/faces and all cx

2. Being touched too much
- I'm a really picky person, sometimes I'm fine with friends/family being all touchy feely, buuuuuut I have to be in the mood for it. Sometimes I enjoy it and it makes me feel warm & loved, but other times too much of it makes me feel like I'm being trapped. It's not that I hate affection, I like it in short bursts, but if there's too much of it/it's too drawn out then I feel suffocated and weird, I can't really explain it.

3. Not keeping your word
- Self Explanatory. If you give me your word on something, and I give you my complete trust, you're expected to follow through. I tend to put out too much of my belief in the goodness of people and in doing so I sometimes trust the wrong ones. If your words continuously fall flat, then every single one you utter will hold no substance towards me anymore. I may forgive you, as forgiving is in my nature, but I'll always remember.

4. Being woken up by my brothers
- I wouldn't have a problem being woken up by those little monsters if they went into my room and gently shook me or said in a nice voice "Wake up Imanne" or something, but do they do that? Noooo. Instead, they find the most annoying ways to get me up. Like jumping on my bed, clapping their hands loudly & continuously and shouting "wake up" repeatedly. They don't stop once my eyes are open, nor once I sit up. They will continue to shout and clap and stay right by me (even if it means following me around my room doing it) until I physically walk out of my room's door.

5. Continuously being interrupted while reading
- I am a book addict, an obsessor (yes, I just made that up) of the written world. I get so engrossed in books that I can tune out my surroundings, I can read anywhere if I wanted (I've actually done this at a party, the music was blasting but I paid it no mind). I don't mind being interrupted once or twice, but if it keeps happening while I'm reading a good book then I get annoyed.

6. Body Shaming
- Any shape/form of it. The way people look shouldn't change the way you see/act/talk to them nor at them. Whether they're "too skinny", "not skinny enough", "lack curves", "too thick", or "too fat". THE WAY THEY LOOK IS NOT EFFECTING YOU IN ANY WAY SO KEEP YOUR MOUTH SHUT IF YOU DON'T HAVE ANYTHING NICE TO SAY ABOUT THE WAY THEY LOOK.

A/N: Sorry that it took so long for me to post another article, I'm going to try to be more consistent, but I can't make any promises! I couldn't come up with 10 of them like the tag suggests, but I still wanted to post. I hope you guys enjoyed getting a little insight on a few things that make me tick. Hope you're all having a good day (: