Ah.... the nice fresh air. The clean sheets of snow fill the vast landscape. your life can be a fairy tale. follow these steps.

♡ RELAX: To relax, grab a wanderlust - smell good - page turning story. After that's chosen, relax your limbs. take a nice warm shower/bath. explode some bath bombs, or have relaxing warm water flow down your back. in this case, reading a book in the shower really wouldn't be necessary. lol. put some shimmery soap in the water to create bubbles, and pour yourself a nice, yummy, glass of red wine. (you know you want to) light some vanilla candles, and chill.

♡ EAT and DRINK: it's great to nom on delicious goods such as: bagels, smoothies, (nothing caffeinated or unhealthy!), fruit, veggies, milk, water, salad.

♡ HEALTH: get outta bed, brush them pearly whites, nom some delicous treats, drink well fluids, dress for a workout, put those gorgeous locks in a ponytail, get out and GO! working out is the best for your health. and of course keeping your teeth straight. can't forget the healthy foods.

♡ SLEEP: when getting ready for sleepy time, brush your hair and teeth, look yourself in the mirror and tell yourself you're enough and beautiful and that you deserve to exist every second you do on this earth. (check out my relax para.) snuggle into your nice comfy bed with some cute, cozy pjs on, and doze off to sleep.

♡ SIDE NOTE: you are loved :) stay frickin' fresh lol


xo sierra