Have you ever felt like someone you thought you knew the best suddenly became a stranger? Like you were totally wrong with them? I went through a lot of phases. I was angry at first. Mainly angry with me that I pushed away someone I loved or I thought I did. Then I was angry with him, for being so cruel and selfish to everyone around him. After a while the anger gradually went away and the missing part came in. And I still miss him sometimes. But time heals and I did lost the anger and the pain. I forgave him and me. And I found the peace and move on because I had to.

I would say it is a natural process of getting over something. It was exactly like Milk and Honey, the breaking, the hurting, the healing, the loving. Rupi Kaur really knows best.
Purpose of this post is not pouring my heart out but to reasure you that everything will actually be okay in the end. It is natural to feel all kinds of emotions when you are going trough brakeup or even the end of friendship. I still believe that if it is meant to be it will be but in my case I did the best to quit this relationship. I did it for me. Finally I was thinking of myself and not everybody else.

The only hard thing is seeing that person everyday at school. No matter how happy I am or even if I love someone else, It still hits me hard when our eyes meet.

i hope it helps someone who is dealing with the same issue. Just wanted to let you know you are not alone. We shoud not be ashamed to feel this way. We are all humans and we all struggle sometimes.

Have a nice day and remember that at the end of the day it is you that matters <3