Beside Phones, key and money, there are a lot of other things that you might wanna have it in your bag!

1. Tissue and wet tissue

Take one out to wipe that ketchup beside your lips

Image by Makoto Ogasawara

2. Hand sanitizer

To wash off dirts in your hands when you feel like it :)

bowl image

3. Band Aid

If your loved ones get cut, hand them one to show that you care them

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4. Earphones/ Headphones

Have at least one pair, so that you can share with your loved ones

music, couple, and boy image

5. Mint gum

Quick way to clean your breathe...or chew them just because

chewing gum, mint, and doublemint image

6. Portable charger

The key to take picture whenever you to never run out of batteries

pineapple, portable charger, and sonix figure image

7. Self check kit

Hand mirror, hair brush, hand cream, and lip balm are must to keep your appearance unchanged throughout the day. Don't forget to sneak in lipsticks of the day

pearls and beautiful image pink, pastel, and aesthetic image Inspiring Image on We Heart It mac, lipstick, and red image

8. Hair tie

Wanna focus on eating ? Tie up your hair. You can always untie after you're done with eating

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9. Pen

Have one pen to sign some documents or cheque

pen, school, and book image

Hope you guys like it♡