how to help yourself but at the same time help others?
at the same moment when you are falling apart?
when your soul is so sad and you want to cry all the time because of life. why life is so hard?
why the "good" doesn't come while the "bad" has been there all the time?
why people are so powerless when it comes to life?
why are we so sad?
so lost?
so alone?
in the end..?
sometimes in life there is so much darkness.
so many dark times.
so much pain.
so much thoughts.. about everything..
how to help someone who has done so much pain to you and others and he feels bad about it?
how to help those who are in pain?
so dark pain?
everyone is in pain.
e v e r y o n e
sometimes more, sometimes less
sometimes people win darkness and sadness
sometimes not

by pepsiandmusic, whi ღ