Hi! This is my first article, and I'm Italian so I'm already sorry for all the grammatical mistakes.

I'm writing this because nowadays girls want to have beautiful and long hair (or short idk) but often don't know how, rather they damage it without knowing what they are doing!

I always had curly hair and obviously I hated them so much since I was born, but two summers ago I started to straighten my hair everyday: it was like an obsession, a real addiction, and I continued to do that for months, until I realized I made a huge mistake: my hair stopped growing, it didn't shine anymore and it was horrible... I am so obsessed with beautiful hair but in that time I didn't know how to take care of it.

I was scared so much so I stopped to straighten it for a few weeks.

In that time frame I made some researches online and I collected some infos I want to share with you, to avoid other girls to damage their hair:

1.CUT YOUR HAIR at least every couple of months

You probably know split ends, but instead I'm pretty sure you don't know that if you don't cut them regularly, they climb to the top of your hair and break it literally, so be careful and remember that if you cut 2cm of your hair they will grow in two months, so don't be afraid! You hair will be SUPER-shiny!

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split ends vs. healthy hair

2. DON'T wash your hair too much

Don't wash your hair more than three times a week: if you wash it everday you're washing away your natural oils and your hair will be crunchy, you're damaging it! If your hair becomes dirty in little time it means they're not used to wait, but you will fix this in few days

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this is healthy hair

3.Before buying a shampoo you must read if it contains sulphates, they're really bad for your hair!

Use a shampoo that matches with your hair type, or if you damaged it I suggest you this:


This is the shampoo that I used to repair my "burnt" hair, but there's the entire treatment avaible on that site. After you end this treatment, you should continue with this keratin treatment:


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some haircare products for different types

4.Do a hair mask once a week

You can buy it in supermarkets or you can make it by your own with some natural products! Here's a list of natural masks that I tried, and believe me, they absolutely work!


5.Don't style your hair too much

I mean, don't curl or straighten your hair too much because heat damages your more than everything! I have paid the consequences of it, so I recommend you to apply a protecting serum for heat! Now when I want to straighten my hair I use this one, it is really good and multifunctioning:


Biopoint is such a good brand for hair products!

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curly vs. straight hair

6.Use hair oil

I suggest you to use them after you wash your hair, when it's still wet, so it will be shiny and will look so much healthy, but remember:

DON'T USE TOO MUCH OIL! Or your hair will become dirty in very small time and you'll have to wash it again, and that's not healthy.

My favourite oils are:
-coconut oil
-tamanu oil (it also smells soooo good)

girl, nails, and hair image
super long, shiny and beautiful hair (and some booty too haha)

7.DON'T comb you hair too much

Combing your hair is good, but only one or two times a day:
if you comb it too much you will "stress" it, it will start to break and become frizzy

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this is frizzy hair, but she's lucky beacuse it looks good on her face and skin tone too

8. for those who have curly hair and love to straighten it

There are many different types of hair straighteners, and a few weeks ago I found out an infrared straightener that makes natural hair olis evaporate and lays them on all the hair, so it doesn't damage it, rather it's good for it if you use it 3 times a week! I found it in my local shopping mall, but you can search something similar online!

9.Love your hair and accept yourself!

The more you feel confident with your hair, the better it looks:
I mean, probably many girls that don't like their hair and always style it but that's not the solution! You can do it but you must remember that you're damaging it and it will look even worse!

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beautiful girls feeling confident with their natural hair look even more beautiful!

Now I only straighten my hair in special days and I've learned to feel comfortable with my natural, curly hair. I'm really happy that it started growing again, and after so many hard work and effort I obtained really good results!

With love, Bambi! 💕

Feel free to talk with me about WHATEVER! you can ask me everything.