hello everyone! this is my first article on here and I'm going to share with you the possible meaning behind Jimmy Page's Zoso symbol. I'm a big Zeppelin fan and Jimmy is one of my favourite guitarists ever, so here I am going to talk more about him and his choosing of the sign. I researched the information only on the web, so if you want to do your own research you won't find much difficulties.

The symbol does not spell the word Zoso. Jimmy’s astrological sun sign is Capricorn, and if you know your astrology you will know that Capricorn is ruled by the planet Saturn. Jimmy wanted to choose a symbol for Saturn, because his zodiac sign is ruled by the planet Saturn and he found a selection in a textbook. By the way, Jimmy's first guitar was a 1959 Futurama Grazioso that his parents bought for him when he was 12 years old. One of the Saturn symbols in the text books looks a little bit like “zioso” of Grazioso. Perhaps this was why this particular Saturn symbol caught his eye. When Jimmy Page was asked what his symbol meant he said that the band members selected them from a “standard reference book” of sigils (a sigil is a symbol used in magic) and suggested that interested people should go and look them up in a “standard reference text”. Page used to own a second-hand bookshop called the Equinox (4 Holland Street, Kensington, London – no longer open) which specialised in books from the occult. Now, it's not an easy job to find any books with any symbols and sigils that look similar or resemble the symbols chosen by the band unless you have access to such kind of writings or you're particularly interested in this subject. It's not impossibe to do it, but you must do a really deep and profound research. There are books with the symbols in them but they are hard to find and it is easier if you live in France and can speak French.

The most accessible text to find these symbols is Grimoires et Rituels Magiques, by Francois Ribadeau Dumas, published by P Belfond in Paris in 1972 (and 1998). (A Grimoire is a textbook on magic). Page’s symbol can be found on page 127, in Chapter 10 entitled Dragon Rouge (the Red Dragon) – the secrets of the Scientist Artephius.

So in summary for Jimmy Page’s Zoso symbol, Page wanted a symbol for Saturn, the planetary ruler of his astrological sun sign Capricorn. We aren’t certain exactly which reference book he used, but the collection of Saturn symbols dates back to at least the 1300’s and he chose the Zoso one most probably because it reminded him of the name of his first Grazioso guitar.

Hope this article has been useful to you. :)
I used information mainly from the site https://zososymbol.com/