"I don't make music for eyes, I make music for ears." -Adele

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Top Fav's

One - Beyonce

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Beyonce's voice is so iconic and I will never stop being a fan of hers. She deserves the title "Queen B" as she is an amazing and kind-hearted person. Fav songs: Halo,All Night, Sorry,Haunted,XO.

Two - Lana Del Rey

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I love Lana Del Rey so much, she has always been a top favorite artist of mine, every song she creates is so beautiful and heavenly. Fav songs: Without You, Blue Jeans, Cherry, 13 Beaches, Art Deco, Lolita.

Three - Marina and the Diamonds

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I love Marina's voice so much, words can't explain how much I love her music. Fav Songs: Froot, Primadonna, Blue, I'm A Ruin.

Four - Amy Winehouse

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Amy is so beautiful, I love her music style and she died way too young. Ever since I heard Rehab for the very first time I fell in love with her music. Her voice will always be remembered. Us fans will treasure her music forever. Fav Songs: Rehab,He Can Only Hold Her, Back To Black, You Know I'm No Good.

Five - Melanie Martinez

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Melanie is another fantastic artist who is so unique in her own way. What I love about her is how different she is and how she works her style so well. Every song on the Crybaby album is so good. Fav Songs: Soap, Pacify Her, Training Wheels, Play Date.

Thankyou guys, I hope you liked this article and if you haven't heard any of the artists I mentioned, definitely go give them a listen!!

Love youu.