Hi, loves. Today I decided to get you some fitness inspiration and motivate you to keep fit. Here are also some tips and tricks to help you keep the weight off throughout the festive season and stay toned!


Your diet is essential in maintaining a healthy lifestyle. Its always good to keep a balance of foods in your diet each day like healthy carbs, oils, vitamins, protein and fiber are good sources of food when eaten in moderation. Its also important to never skip breakfast and make this the large meal of your day because its breaks down the easiest throughout your daily movement.

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Festive season tip: Have a small meal before you go out to a party, this way you won't binge on everything you see there and will indulge in moderation.

Keep It Together

One little trick in keeping yourself at it all the time is to feel prepared. How do you do this? By preparing and gathering whatever you may need to workout. Your music, headphones, shoes, clothes or whatever it is you need to motivate yourself to workout needs to be set and prepped before hand so you feel the motivation to get it done!

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Festive Season Tip: Try to workout in the mornings and have a set routine for the festive month since most parties are during the day or evenings, its best to get your workouts done in the mornings!

Fashion Motivation

This is a trick I do to myself whenever I have to attend a wedding or a big party. I buy a gorgeous outfit or put one together if spending isn't an option and then use the one size smaller outfit to motivate me to lose the weight to fit into my favorite dress. Trust me, this works! I don't starve myself either, I just give my body the right nutrients and workout to achieve my ideal body.

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Festive Season Tip: Use the dress or ensemble of choice for your year end events to motivate to want to look your best in them, (your best doesn't have to be my best, this is just my personal preference) and eat and workout accordingly to achieve your goal!

Body Inspiration

Look at pictures of other peoples bodies and be inspired and not jealous. Girls need to start inspiring each other and I personally never felt the need to be jealous of another girl. There is no need for this! Someone else can simply help you to aspire to be a better version of yourself by what they have and that is okay. I personally love looking at beach bodies on Whi for a source of inspiration from time to time of what I want and to motivate me to get there and believe me, this mind stuff works!

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Festive Season Tip: Be Inspired.
Don't Compare your Chapter 1 with someone else's Chapter 20.

Do Your Research - It's All About You!

Learn what works for you. Do your research on what type of workouts or foods you should be having for your body type to achieve the goal that you want. You don't have to read this article and see the pictures which inspire me and want that. This is about you and only you. Choose what works for you and do what is best for you and be healthy in all you do.

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Festive Season Tip: Never Compromise Your Health, Only Treasure It With Decisions To Enhance It.

Be consistent

Consistency is always key! I can't emphasis this one enough. Smaller goals always add up to one big goal so keep doing what you have to do to reach your dream body and keep fit! Goodluck! I believe in you!

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Festive Season Tip: The early morning hours are your best friend. Nothing worth it comes easy, but it isnt impossible!

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