There are many things that other people do not see like the way people are constantly worrying about the tomorrow and not enjoying very well the today. If we are put on this planet I can assure all of you that it was not just to sit "still and look pretty" and yes I did just quote the title of a pop song because it is so very true. Most people just go with the flow and do not do anything to be remembered in this world. Think about it: you are born, you go to school for 13 or so, then you might go to college or university, or you go into the world and work for endless amount of years, you get married and have maybe a couple of kids you grow old and you die. In that time after college or university or high school what do we do to be remembered how many people have died that we do not remember. I do not know about you guys but I would like to be remembered after I have died.
Many celebrities who have died have been remembered for decades people who impacted the world with their music, people who fought hard to reach their hopes and dreams. Not leaving out the people who fought for the rights of their people though peace people who truly impacted life in a positive. We as the future should look out for the place we will be at for the rest of our life and instead of creating even more controversy among us embrace the fact that everyone is different and that everyone deserves to be who they are without being bashed for being who they are and not what we want them to be.
Learn to respect each other if you do not agree with that person or with their way of thinking then keep quiet and respect you do not even have to be their friend you could just bet he person who did not bash them for being themselves.
Love and respect each other regardless of race, color, sexuality, mindset, or way of being then, and only then will this cruel world be at peace.