My biggest sin, you should be here, not only my dreams.
I met you in my darkest night, fading the bright eyes of other guys.
My heart got caught feeling that you might took all over my mind.
You were flawless like someone in heaven made you of pure art, oh that night, I failed hundreds of times but I really wish that your smile were my fault. I want you to be my worthy crime, my melody with your harmony.
I keep wishing and I keep desiring to hear your voice, to look at your green eyes, but I haven't seen them in a while, you disappeared like the wind take away the clouds in the sky.
Can't you be mine?
Boy you left a mistery, and that's what I like, I don't know what's your point, I don't know how far we are.
But let's keep our secrets, let's hide our kisses, sometimes people destroy what they discover, I don't want little gossips.
You told me a part of you that completes me, but I still can't solve all your riddles.
Stay right here, I know how much you crave me, I know exactly what you mean, I know she can't make you feel like I did.
Your games won't work, cause my love will blind you first.
Stop trying, do you believe me when I say I'm right? We can be owners of a trip to my heart until somewhere we can be alone.
Boy, you're making me a mess, but you just can't resist when I touch your weak warming heart.
Your friends said you lost your mind, just because I don't wanna drive your expensive cars, I wanna drive you crazy at all.
Late at night I wait for your call, you just want me to think about your smile or to get a little jealous wondering where you are, but I'm smarter and I know that I can't get out of your mind, I'm your main subject to talk about with anyone that asks about your love.
This time I realized you are mine, I already lead you all the time, sometimes I control your life.
I can be a little angry, I'm a crazy mistery just like you, I'm still trying to figure out your favorite songs.
 I'm kinda jealous when I feel that something it's wrong but i can be an angel making you feel warm and calm in a raining night, I'm sweet like honey but I can be bitter like something you never tasted before, I'm all of your dreams compacted I'm one and I'm all you ever wanted.
That night I'll never forget boy, I got taught how to love.
-Ana S.S Model