You know those days when you're dozing off, while the teachers running his mouth on whatever subject you in. THEN.....!

// EXAMS //

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Your heart starts pounding, your breath shortening, your brain trying to message the words your teacher was saying.

You didn't know what to do. When were the dates for the test set on? What did we have to study? Why are you telling us now? How could you?


The test that is being et and prepared as we speak is going to focus on what we did on that subject throughout the whole entire year. I hate it. HATE HATE HATE

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Its like horror of seeing and bloody hearing the amount time that you need to work on. What did I learn on those days? Where's that sheet that I thought I glued in?

Time passes through, your head spinning with headaches....


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yOu DiDn't dO AnYtHInG~!

You walk to your class very slowly, rushing out the books in your bag out and trying to memorize what you saw. The line of students walking into the classroom of death right in the corner of your eye. You could feel the darkness creeping in on you and your mind jumbling with numbers and words and hypothesis are an anecdote and whatever! YOU DON"T MAKE SENSE ANYMORE!

Sometimes your gonna die and you just can't do anything...
— the girl who got a not achieved. or in some countries an F.

But overall.

It doesn't really matter how smart someone is. It's all about how much hard work you in.

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Just punch them problems away honey and just do you!