So, I'm fairly new here, I have always used this website to look for pics but this new thing made me curious so here we are! I thought this was gonna be a nice idea!
Day 1 is to list 20 facts about myself!

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1. My name is Manuela

2. I'm italian

3. I'm hopefully graduating college next semester fingers crossed

4. I wish to become an interpreter

5. I can speak and write currently English, French and German

5. I can understand a little of Danish

6. I spent a semester abroad studying in Denmark, that's why haha

7. I'm really shy and introverted, it takes me awhile to open up to people

8. I like to travel

9. I'm really impulsive

10. I really suck at everything regarding editing

11. my taste in movies spaces a lot, I like thrillers and those movies/shows that makes you think "wtf did I just watch" but also really cliché romantic comedies

12. I used to take dance classes and I reallyy miss it

13. I don't like number 13, no actual reason

14. every once in awhile, I watch Serendipity for no actual reason, I just like it

15. I'm writing my bachelor thesis and I'm so stressed

16. I like everything chocolate

17. I have a weird obsession for barbecue sauce, I'd eat it with everything

18. I like cinema and movies, I like quotes

19. I often have my head in the clouds

20. my taste in music spaces a lot! from Muse to Alex and Sierra (yes, I still like them), from rock and roll to acoustic sad music.

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and with this I say goodbye! see you tomorrow!

link to the challenge: by @TypicalGirl48