Here you can find a list of all the place I dream to visit one day. It’s not very long but I have this desire to visit them since a really long time and yes, I must be carving for cold ... too...
- Canada

paisaje image mountains, road, and clouds image Image by Mikayla Abraham city, sunset, and photography image

- Islande

beautiful, vibs, and breathtaking image Dream, islande, and landscape image hole, iceland, and islande image amazing, iceland, and islande image

- Norway

beautiful, nice, and love image adventure, nature, and landscape image Inspiring Image on We Heart It Inspiring Image on We Heart It

- Denmark

copenhagen, landscape, and sunset image arte, bad, and beautiful image nature, mountains, and lake image beautiful, europe, and denmark image

- Holland (I want to go back to Amsterdam and with a little chance I’ll be back in January)

amsterdam and water image amsterdam image flowers, pink, and red image be yourself, fly, and holland image

- Austria (Vienna wasn’t enough, I want to see more)

Image by Erkeya austria, run away, and forest image city, travel, and architecture image austria, city, and home image

- Czech Republic (same)

prague, czech republic, and travel image prague, city, and snow image beautiful, czech republic, and europe image travel, city, and Praga image

- Poland

architect, beautiful, and old town image autumn, nature, and fall image architecture, europe, and Poland image beautiful, freedom, and mountains image

- Romania

photography, romania, and travel image architecture, city, and landscape image Image by Bianca Grindeanu amazing, beautiful, and cloud image

- Russia

snow, winter, and russia image church, rusia, and russia image arch, architecture, and autumn image luxury, fountain, and garden image

- Turkey

horse and nature image bird, venice, and fog image exteriores, waterfalls, and journey image traveling turkey image

- Croatia

Croatia, escape, and beautiful landscape image Croatia and plitvice image Croatia, spain, and forest image flowers, Croatia, and travel image

- Scotland (I’m carving for another trip in the highlands)

Image by Daydreamer landscape, nature, and scotland image Image by Giovanna Tolentino adventure, autumn, and bridge image

- England

Big Ben, capital, and monument image heather, landscape, and nature image castle, colors, and green image landscape, nature, and england image

- Ireland

landscape, nature, and ireland image cliffs of moher, europe, and holiday image Image removed sea, nature, and ocean image

- Australia

australia, landscape, and opera house image adventure, amazing, and architecture image australia and Sydney image Sydney, ocean, and travel image

That’s all for me guys. Have a great day.
- Gaëlle