Hey guys, so here is the second part of my favourite bands/ my favourite singers. The last part didn't even included the half of them. By the way if you haven't if you haven't read teh irst arcle here's the link So let us start

Panic! at the Disco

panic! at the disco image
Panic! at the Disco is just a masterpiece to be honest
brendon urie, P!ATD, and panic! at the disco image brendon urie, heels, and P!ATD image brendon urie, panic! at the disco, and P!ATD image funny, brendon, and brendon urie image

you must admit that Brendon Urie is the most attractive leadsinger of all alternative-Rockbands. I mean haven't you looked at him, this man is flawless, he could easily work as a model. And now we can talk about this strong and just amazing voice, I mean is he even human? It's just..... Okay enough of my heart-eyed fangirl

A few of my favourite songs:

LA Devotee
The Ballad of Mona Lisa
Death of the Bachelor
Don't threaten me with the good time

Twenty one Pilots

twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and josh dun image
Honestly the best Music duo ever existed,their Music is Gold
twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and josh dun image twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and josh dun image tyler joseph, twenty one pilots, and josh dun image twenty one pilots, josh dun, and tøp image

I started listening tothem a short while ago, but I really love them, like honestly. I never listened to Music like that bevor but it is pretty good. If you haven't listened to them before.. well you just have to.I don't know how to explain their Music, I don't even know their genre all I know is when I listen to them it's like someone knowing how I feel and express that in Music. And I think that that is what Music should do to you. Lift the weight from your shoulders and just let your Feelings get bond to the Music, fill up thhe whole room and make you feel free.


Tear in my heart
Lane Boy
Fairy Local
car radio


heart broken, sleepless, and tired image
talented, beautiful, kind, lovable bean
️lorde image ella yelich-o'connor and ️lorde image ️lorde image lorde, ️lorde, and music image

Ella Marija Lani Yelich-O’Connor, that is the real name of Lorde. She is so talented, and gave pop-Music such a deep meaning, with her lyrics she discribes Things, you never know to feel or just finds the perfect words to explain your Feelings. This beautiful singer is a timeless masterpiece.

Songs that I really love:

Homemade Dynamite
Green Light
Perfect Places
Hard Feelings /Loveless
White Teeth Teens

Troye Sivan

troye sivan, wild, and music image
babyboy with a great voice
troye sivan, blue, and boy image troye sivan image troye sivan image troye sivan image

i don't really know why, but for me Troye sounds like he doesn't care, bt also like he care far to much at the same time. The lyrics are pleasing and so meaningful. I don't know if you cxan realate to this, but well, that is why I love this precious, lovable bean.

Some favs:

Lost Boy
Happy little pill
for him

Bring me the horizon

band, bring me the horizon, and bmth image
their Music sets you free
bmth and bring me the horizon image bmth, bands, and bring me the horizon image bring me the horizon, concert, and music image bring me the horizon and lost image

Did you ever just feeling the pressure on yu chest, you just want to scream and tell everyone that everything is NOT FUCKING OKAY. Well, if you ever got this feeling, listen to them, 'cause this alternative Metalband will take the pressure away.


Follow you
Oh no
True friends
Can you feel my heart


halsey image
Ashley Nicolette Frangipane is my favourite alternative singer, she was the first musician with the genre alternative I've ever listened to
halsey, hfk, and ashley frangipane image halsey, badlands, and ashley frangipane image halsey and ashley frangipane image halsey image

Halsey got a strong, pure voice, she is to cute for this world and her Songs are really inspiring and deep. I listened to Halsey in february 2016, I couldn't stop listening to her song Colors. I'm stuck into her Music and will always stay a huge fan. She is to good or this wold, a living angel.

Her masterpieces:

Young god
Is there somewhere
Now or never
Bad at love

Demi Lovato

Image by caitlynsymon
my gorgeous star since my childhood´
Image by caitlynsymon demi lovato, demi, and lovato image beauty, demi lovato, and warrior image Image by Lola

Demi Lovato went from the sweet little Disney channel star to a gorgeous, indepentent bawse. She's been trhough so much and still keeps smiling, nerver stops fightig. Her voice is so strong, it's unbelievable. I loved her then, back in her disney channel time, and i love her even more now as the awesome woman she is. How could you not love her?


Give your heart a break
Fire starter
tell me you love me
don't forget