I never took myself for being a person that enjoyed traveling, but over the past six months or so I haven't been outside of Norway and it has taken a toll on me. I miss it. So here are some places I have been dreaming about.

Verona, Italy

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I have always wanted to leave Juliet a letter.

With "Letters to Juliet" being one of my all-time favorite films Verona had to be on top of this list. From the buildings down the streets to Juliets house.

Barcelona, Spain

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I really miss the warm weather, beaches and shopping in Spain, not gonna lie. Especially since it's snowing and ice cold in Norway at the moment.

Edinburgh, Scotland

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Last year at this exact date I was in Edinburgh, and it was amazing. I have missed it ever since. It was absolutely beautiful. The architecture is out of this world, and the christmas market is nothing like you have ever seen before!

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With that said, I think I have to book a flight sometime soon. Treat my soul with a trip. I hope you treat yours. Happy monday!