my name is emily. im not like most teenagers. in fact, not at all really. im a junior in high school. most kids my age are driving and are out every single night and the weekends. me? i dont drive because im not good enough right now. im always home with my family. i used to have a job but now i dont anymore and i havent had any luck getting hired anywhere else. it drives me a little crazy because i graduate high school next school year. im more than ready to be in the real world. why though? most kids are so scared to be in the real world because their afraid they cant make it. me? i know it won't be easy but im ready for it. im ready for all the challenges of being responsible and an adult. getting to be out on my own and away from this town is all i have dreamed of for the last few years.

here is a few of my dreams:

once i graduate high school, i want to be a lpn. most people say they have had a dream career ever since they were little but me..i change my mind on a daily basis. i actually have wanted to do so many things it took forever to make up my mind. i decided i wanted to be a lpn because i love the thought of getting to help and be around other people. i think it's healthy for your soul to be surrounded by others all the time. keeps you going. once i got to high school, i started taking medical classes and researched more into the nursing field and i actually originally wanted to be a rn but i didn't want something to stressful. i think it would be so much fun to work in nursing homes to take care of older people or even a doctors office to care for little kids. the thought of working in a hospital under emergency or any hospital environment scares me. i feel like you have so much more responsibility there and i literally praise the people who do it every single day of their lives.but anyways.. im going to a school to get my license and ready for it.

after i finish school, im not sure where life will take me. i guess i will see what opportunities life opens up for me. i will also mention once im an lpn, i'd like to get my photography and makeup artist license as well. i think those would be so much fun as side jobs.

i want to be a lpn and living at home for a while. but i have had one dream ever since i was little. i have always found cities so fascinating and beautiful, especially new york. it's my absolute dream to live there. i think i would actually be the happiest girl alive if that dream came true. manhattan, new york to be specific. but i could always start out smaller such as brooklyn. while we are on the subject of new york, let me mention my favorite tv shows. gossip girl. i mean that show literally describes my dream life. i go back and forth deciding if i would want to be blair or serena. i still dont know. i love them both. i have different several things i love about both of their characters. who wants an article about what i love about gossip girl? lol.

but since i've said some of my dreams and future plans, let me say some things i like or passionate about.

lets start with my #1 person, heart, one that keeps me going and one i enjoy her music so much. Ariana Grande. literally enough said. since about 2013 now, i have loved her more and more each day. i found her by her very first song and music video: "Put Your Hearts Up" I'm not sure if I found it when it was released by I remember I found it not to long before her first single "The Way" came out. when someone asks me why i love her so much, my brain instantly goes blank..why? because i get so excited to tell them I FORGET. but i loved her from the start but I really fell in love with her when she released her second album "My Everything" I fell in love with that album and era. I miss it so much. I actually saw her on The Honeymoon Tour back in 2015. she sounds like an angel live. sadly i didnt get to see The Dangerous Woman Tour but I know next tour for sure I have to meet her and see her front row. thats another dream of mine. I could go into details of more about her but I'll just save it for another article? "Why I love Ariana Grande" ???

really quickly, i"ll make a list of things i love.

-spaghetti. fav food.
-pink. like literally everything pink. but specifically pastel or ballerina pink.
-makeup. obsessed!
-gabi demartino. if you walked into my room, you would think it was hers.(same style)
-christmas/winter. happiest time of the year.
-camilla cabello. recently i have fell in love with her. so happy she is a solo artist now!
-demi lovato. tell me you love meeeee
-selena gomez. (her and justin is back!!)

if i think of more i'll edit later.