Hello hearters,
I made this article so I could list some of the things that helped me gain self-confidence and that were extremely positive for my body and my soul. I hope you can use this advice to overcome hard times and love yourself a little bit more.

  • don't be at home all the time. when you're alone you have more time to think and there's a higher chance that bad thoughts will come
  • practice some activity that you like and that is good for your health. you can look for a gym near you, the short distance will keep you motivated
  • make a list of your goals and read it everyday when you wake up. stick to them
  • find free events near you and invite your friends to join you
  • go for walks if you're feeling bored/sad/overwhelmed
  • have a deep conversation with a loved one. let it out.
  • find new movies, new music and new books. do it online or find them in a store near you.
  • take a bus trip to somewhere you have never been
  • buy that short skirt or those extra sunglasses
  • stop saying bad things about other people. negativity creates negativity
  • never ever beat yourself up for loving too much. it's who you are
  • don't let other people criticism get to you. when you're 80 you will want to remember your life as something positive and genuine.

Hope you found this useful in some way,
Mari ♡