So, I've been thinking lately about this and thought it'd be nice to share it with you as well :)

Since Christmas and New Year is coming, and we all are excited, I realized that there are people out there - tons of them, actually, who aren't as excited and happy about festive season as we are. Only because they have no resources to celebrate this wonderful season.
I'm pretty sure there are lots of homeless, or needy, poor people out in streets, every single one who held their hands out to you when you go to subway station or older women sitting outside of church or big supermarkets, hoping someone would give them coins so that can collect these money to buy bread for their children.

So, let's think about it this way, instead of getting yourself new pair of jeans, or makeup, or bag, spend less one money on your iced coffee and unnecessary items and go collect these money with your friends, classmates, teachers even and help those in need.

Go to local church and find out who's that person or family who needs help the most this Christmas, buy them some food, warm blanket or sweets for their babies and make their Christmas brighter.

I encourage you to go out and help someone. :)

- Salome.