Not sure if anyone here appreciates nice poetry but one of my favorite pastimes is writing, so I thought I'd share. Most of it is just pretty writing with meanings that are pretty hard to discern but enjoy regardless~

(if this post is well-received, I'll post more!)


Purple cotton, indigo hues, and salted dust.
An ivory white sickle
cuts into the molten stone.
Constance, confidence. Clarity.
Color me aqua.
Lights, camera, veiled stardom behind a curtain.
Catching spectra in the dreamy night.
I am ammolite and these are my stars.


where are you?
i saw you once,
when the sun slipped down
reds and purples
the air was thick
the streets were full.


They tell me
my fingers are cursed
with never ending embers,
and my lips demand caution tape
sealed across and never to be broken.
I am magma
slowly reaching with seething palms
Capsuling the breath of life.