Hello my fellow Hearters! I hope you're having a great day! Winter is coming... and that means CHRISTMAS! I am personally in loooove with Christmas, so I would like to share my Chrismas favorites today! Enjoy!

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Christmas Themed Cookies

Yes! They are cute, delicious and great to get that perfect Christmas mood! Also great to DIY with your friends on Christmas evening if you haven't planned anything yet!

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Christmas Lights

Or any lights at all! Can you even imagine a fun Christmas evening without lots and lots of Christmas lights? No right? They light all boring things up. Literally!

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Hot Chocolate

Because who doesn't love a good ol' cup of hot cocoa? And don't forget the marshmallows!

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Let's get cosy! Warm by the fire with your loved ones and walk on clouds the whole day!

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Ugly Christmas Sweaters

Everyone wears them and everyone loves them. NOBODY CARES IT'S CHRISTMASSSSS

Merry Christmas everyone! Hope you enjoyed this article. Make sure to complete your list of Christmas essentials before December 24th!!!

Lots of Love,