Hello everyone ! So today the challenge is to write about something that I find interesting. At first I was a bit taken aback about this because I wasn’t sure about what to write. After putting into a lot of thought I decided to write about art.

Art has always been a part of my life as kid and as a youngster. I have been always fascinated about it. I love all types of art and I will mention something.

- Photography: this is something out of my mind. It is amazing how something so basic can be turned into something beautiful and aesthetically pleasing. This is a type of art that I am still yet to learn. I love taking photos but I don’t feel like I have gotten the skills I need yet.

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- Dance: dance is a type of art that I find so beautiful. It is so out of this world how we can somewhat express ourselves through dancing and moving our body to music. Even though I am the worst at dancing I still love to do it because it is such a freeing thing to do. You are free to do whatever you please. There are no rules no nothing and I love it.

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- Singing: this is another thing that I love to do and unfortunately I can’t ahahah but I swear to you there are so many artist that make me have Goosebumps and even sometimes cry I have to admit. And like, the concerts and everything that goes behind and it is put into it. I would love to work backstage in concerts that would literally be the dream.

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- Drawing: I find it so beautiful and mesmerising to see someone drawing. It’s like your hand is just moving by itself creating some work of art that was some way inside of you. And just to let it flow it is amazing.

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- Painting: now this is the part that sometimes brings the drawings to life. We colour things since we are little however we do not have all the good taste to create such beauty pieces of art. However I believe that this is something that everyone can do with the right set of mind and dedication.

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- Writing: this is my favourite one since I think I can kind of do it ahahah I love it and I love how words help me to express myself. I usually always write with music and I hope to maybe one day write a book. I also have a bullet journal of my own and I love doing it! If any of you wants it I can always make a post about it.

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Well, so art was the thing that I chose to talk about and I hope you enjoyed this post! Have a nice day!