Here are songs from BTS that I could listen to all the time. :D

~ INTRO: O!RUL8,2?

{Skool Luv Affair}
~ Jump
~ Spine Breaker
~ Tomorrow

{Dark & Wild}
~ Cypher Pt.3: Killer
~ 2nd Grade

{The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Pt.1}
~ INTRO: The Most Beautiful Moment In Life
~ Fun Boys
~ I Need U
~ Dope

{The Most Beautiful Moment In Life, Pt.2}
~ INTRO: Nevermind
~ Baepsae/ Crow Tit/ Silver Spoon
~ Butterfly

~ Save Me
~ Fire
~ japanese Good Day

~ INTRO: Boy Meets Evil
~ 21st Century Girl
~ Cypher Pt.4
~ Blood Sweat & Tears
~ Lie
~ Awake

{Wings: You Never Walk Alone}
~ A Supplementary Story: You Never Walk Alone

{Love Yourself 承 'Her'}
~ Best Of Me
~ Go Go
~ Mic Drop

Perfect Man - JK, JM, JK (BTS)
Tony Montana - Agust D, ft. Jimin
Rainism - Jungkook (BTS)
Even If I Die, It's You - V, Jin
Fools - RM, JK
2U - JK
and many others where Tae kills me with his deep voice. :)

These are really my the top songs and that doesn't mean I don't like others too. THEY ALL ARE AMAZING. <3 <3

Otherwise I will hope that there aren't so many grammatical mistakes! English isn't my mother tongue so I'm very sorry. <3 >~<