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I wouldn't like to make this list because I have tried very much to live independetly. Yes, I know it's kinda hard but I know that I can live without all things I suppose I can't live without them. For example, most people say, they couldn't live without their mobile phone or without Internet. The truth is that we are used to live daily with these and they are part of our lives. I insist that we could live without them, though.

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First of all, if we try not to use our mobile for a day, we will realize that we have more free time. It would force us to make something else at this time. I would choose to see my friends, to read a book, to listen to music or to take care of my face.

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All I try to say, is that all we need is to find the way to live free. Freedom gives you wings, it makes life easier and you end up to see the beuty hides in the places around you.

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Try to cut off all the habits, you think you have, just for a week. I know it sounds crazy but try it. Focus on the little things around you. Test your self and let me know if you understand some difference.

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Thank you all :) Have a beautiful mind and a lovely heart :*

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