WOO! First christmas article of 2017! Today I’m going to be showing you my Christmas wishlist. This is great for giving you ideas for what to ask Santa :)


Grey Timberlands

shoes, timberland, and grey image
I’ve wanted a pair of these for a while now. The icy grey color is perfect for winter, plus they go with so many outfits.

Victoria’s Secret bra and panties matching set

bra, pink, and underwear image
I know this is a bit awkward to get from Santa, but the truth is Victoria’s secret sells the best underwear, but for the highest price.

VANS X PEANUTS sweatshirt

Image by Professional Babe
Peanuts is my absolute favorite thing ever, and so is vans. It’s the perfect combination :)

Calvin Klien set

Calvin Klein and fashion image
Every aesthetic girl has one. It’s time I ask for a pair.

Throw blanket

cozy, socks, and winter image
Since my dog has ruined every blanket I own, I would really like a new throw blanket. Plus, they are perfect for the cold months.


red, rose, and music image
I am always looking to expand my vinyl collection, and I’ve had my eyes- or ears- on some albums lately

Victoria secret bombshell perfume

perfume, Victoria's Secret, and vs image

Benefit Gimme Brow

beauty, benefit, and cosmetics image
Ya always gotta have your eyebrows on point ;)

Jefree Star Holiday Highlighting Pallette

barbie, lipgloss, and girly image
I’ve personally never owned anything from Jefree Star Cosmetics, and his new holiday collection is BOMB. Personally, I always want to sparkle a little more and Jefree could sure help me do that ;)

Beats Headphones

beats, gold, and by dre image
Being a music enthusiast and all (lmao not really XD), I am always in need of some good quality headphones.

Mac Lipstick

mac, lipstick, and makeup image
I collect MAC lipsticks for everyday use and I’d like to add a fine addition to my collection.

Fuzzy Socks

winter, christmas, and socks image
My feet get really cold during the winter, so these would be awesome.

LUSH gift set

lush, cosmetics, and tumblr image
Nothing is more calming than a colorful bath after a stressful week.

Chick-Fil-A Gift Card

chick fil a and chickfila image
I live in Georgia, so I eat Chick-Fil-A at least once a week, after a while, it adds up, and nothing is better than free food.

Lindor Chocolate

chocolate, delicious, and yummie image
Piggy backing on the free food concept from before, I also really love chocolate. Lindor is my favorite because its is so decadent and creamy.

Hope you enjoyed it!

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