So I have been going insane over home decor lately. I love looking at inspiring pictures to gain some creative inspo. I'm very much into wide-spaced, wide and fresh themes when it comes to home decor. Below is a little vision board I put together on what I'd like to have in my own home, have fun!


I love the idea of a spacious lounge area. Sofas are great for large homes but I feel the idea of table are neater in an apartment or even a single couch. Plants are also a lovely accessory to lounge areas and give a minimalist vibe.

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Low - beds are not so much my thing but in terms of looks I would say they're ideal for a stylish bedroom. Decor is so much more easier to work around with a lower bed. I also love white cotton duvets.

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I feel like every kitchen should have a bunch of flowers or roses in them. It just brings a freshness to the room. I like lighting to also be the center of attention in the kitchen.

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My favorite space ever! I feel like my bathroom should be fancy and the most relaxing and cleanest of spaces. I really love over the top bathroom like in the pictures below.

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Study Desk

Study desks should be appealing and set to make you want to work. A spacious study desk for me is ideal and one that is kept simple and not cluttered.

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I love the idea of using rail-hangers as a closet style or even a walk-in closet where I'm able to see everything I have and nothing is hidden behind one or the other.

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Chandeliers, plants, books and little coffee tables are the ideal decor pieces for empty spaces in a home. Oh, and scented candles!

chanel, marble, and candle image flowers and bouquet image coffee, flowers, and bag image one direction, theme, and book image


Big, humongous and obnoxious lighting has always fascinated me. I think they're so chic and pretty.

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Stairways just bring a home together to me. Here are a few I really like.

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