Hey Guys! So, as you've read on the title, this article is about Open When letters. The main reason I'm writing this article is that I decided to make one for my girlfriend as a Christmas present and actually struggled a lot to find what to put inside each letter. So now I'm hoping that maybe I can help someone who is having the same problem and decided to come to WHI to find some inspiration.

That's what I'm going to do: I'll write down the letters I've made for her, and what I've put inside, and will also, give some more tips on what to write, that I found on Pinterest, mainly.

Also, you will note that; but I didn't want to stick to the topics you find on almost every website, so I tried to be creative and make it a little more personal and since we are both pretty nerdy, there will be a lot of fandoms (anime and games mainly) references, but if you liked one of the ideas you can try adapt I guess.

My Open when Letters

  • Open first: On this one, I just explained a bit how that was supposed to work, the rules ( I made a rule where she can open only two, three letters maximum, per week); and a list of all the letters that are inside the box, so she can keep tracking of how many have already opened and how much are left.
  • When you're feeling happy: A Fairy Tail Happy sticker (that I made) because she loves Happy too much
  • When you wanna go on a date: I put inside a card I made, "worth" a bubble tea (her favourite drink)
  • When you miss me: A cute photo of us, a letter saying how much I miss her too and a lipstick kiss
  • When You're sad: A letter saying everything was gonna be okay, that I was there for her, a picture with a "virtual" hug, and a cute image saying: "Not every day is good, but there is something good every day" and challenged her to write at least three positive things that happened
  • When you need support on something: A LOL Lulu Pin because when we play together I go as support and main Lulu and she goes ADC; and a more "serious" letter, saying that she would have my full support on whatever she decided to do.
  • When you're bored: A lot of funny jokes
  • When you have a good grade: A letter saying how proud I was and a candy
  • When you need some love: A sweet letter saying how much I love her and why
  • When you're feeling down: A mirror and a letter saying how beautiful her smile is
  • Months together: The letter are supposed to last until the end of February, so there is one for each month. I put a candy for each month we make together. For example 4 candies= 4 months; 5 candies= 5 months.
  • Valentine's day: A heart-shaped necklace. I made one equal to me.
  • New year's eve: A letter wishing her a happy new year; some star-shaped balloons, and 12 small paper stars, one for each new year wish
  • When you need motivation: A link to a video I found on youtube about chasing dreams, a motivational letter and a lot of undertale images saying (stay determined and don't give up and those things they say on the game) (she loves undertale)
  • When you can't sleep: A tea bag, because she actually loves tea too´
  • When life gives you lemons: (that's a kind of private joke). I just put there some recipes with lemons and a card saying: it can't always be lemonade.
  • When you start reading a new book: A handmade harry potter bookmark.
  • Christmas eve: Just a letter saying I hope she liked the cards she already opened and wishing a Merry Christmas
  • When you feel inspired: Some mandalas to paint and a small pencils pack
  • When you're counting the days: A mini calendar
  • When you really need to get something out of your mind: a blank sheet, for her to write whats bothering her
  • When you feel nervous/insecure about something: Some tips to relax and motivation for whatever is gonna happen.
  • When you want: (not sure about that tho) Some yuri on ice and Boku no hero academy stickers (her favourite animes).

For now, that's all about my letters. If you have more good suggestions that i did not put here, you can always DM me ;)

Ideas for envelopes decoration


Other Suggestions I found about what to put inside


That's it.Those are just some ideas and guidelines to start making your own awesome box. Hope this was actually helpful. I personally love this idea, because it can be made for a whole lot of different occasions and persons (Parents, sibling, best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend...) and can be meaningful without spending much money :) Thanks a lot for reading ❤️

PS: I might be crazy because she actually follows me on WHI. But she never uses it (it's been months since the last time I remember). I'm hoping she does not decide to come here in the next two weeks 😅