art block sucks, it also has different meanings to different people, some even say it's not real, but basically it's when you feel generally discouraged/unmotivated/uninspired or maybe everything you draw just doesn't feel right. It might cause you to draw less frequently or stop drawing all together for a period of time. (this can also be applied to writers, musicians etc. !!)

what could be causing your art block?

everyone has off days with their art sometimes, and sometimes it'll last longer than that. Often it may come along with stress or a mental illness such as depression or anxiety. If you're feeling stressed out about your art or in general, especially if you have a mental illness or suspect you have one (go to a doctor if you think you might!! don't self diagnose!) that's probably a likely cause of your art block. you might be feeling discouraged about seeing people much younger than you creating drawings and paintings that you think to be much better than yours. It could also be that your just not motivated, or generally uninspired to draw. sometimes you might just have to wait it out but there are still solutions you can try to fix it!

being discouraged

it's super easy to feel intimidated by other artist, especially if they are younger than you and have more followers and/or feel like they are better than you in any way. An important thing to remember with this is that every single artist feels this way a lot of the time! even ones that have 1 million + followers, even the ones who's art always seems to look amazing. If you feel discouraged its really important not to be too hard on yourself and try not to worry about every mistake, try an art challenge like the no erase/undo challenge or the blindfolded art challenge. I'll often be less hard on my self if I'm doing an art challenge or trying something new that I've never done before like painting with acrylics, or using different colour palettes. If it's stressing you out a lot taking a break is a good idea, come back to it when your feeling a bit better, take a walk or hang out with a friend. trying out something creative is also a nice way to take a break, you could try knitting, learning an instrument, dancing, lots of stuff! re-drawing something you drew a few years ago is a great way to see how far you've come with improving, think about how much your going to improve in the next few years!

being uninspired/unmotivated

If you feel uninspired to draw try doing some gestures, here's a website that gives you poses and a timer to draw them. (it's got people, animals and scenery. set it to clothes and costumes if you don't want nude models.)
trying to find inspiration and coming up with something new all the time is difficult, try drawing random images from google, or random objects around you, you don't always need to think of your own subjects or poses. art tutorials also help me a lot, I don't like the step by step ones though, usually the ones that show you how to do a certain technique help me more (it's okay if you like step by step better though!!). if you really can't find inspiration to draw try learning something new instead like and instrument or a recipe. new art supplies can sometimes offer new motivation to draw as well.

nothing I draw looks quite right

if you feel like your drawings aren't looking as good as the were last week, or even just yesterday, you could be right. you're probably just having an off day but it's important especially to draw during these times, whether you're just doing gestures or you do and art challenge, it doesn't need to be a perfect finished piece but it's best to just work through anyway. take a break and come back later if you need to, make sure you're not being too hard on yourself, you don't want to stress yourself out by it. try some of the other solutions suggested above as well!

anyways that's all I have for today! thanks for reading, bye!

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