Hello my lovely little licornes ~

In case you have been following me on Instagram you prabably already saw a photo with the newest fashion item in my collection. And if you also read an article about my experiences with Slovak Post Office service which I puslished last week, these are the boots they let me know about very late. They were almost sent back!

Suede Pointed Toe Over The Knee Boots were ordered by me month and something ago. I ordered them from Zaful and I thought I won´t be wearing them this year. But when I received them I realized that they are quite warm even if they don´t have any fur or something like that inside. Since they are black you have to be very cautious because everything is visible on them.

I ordered a number 37 and I feel like they are a bit bigger for me. As you can also see, there is a little heel. Sometimes when I walk it looks like my boots are the first ones and I´m left behind, haha. Well nevermind, I will get used to them. Zip closing on a lower part provides a smooth way of putting them on. On the back of the upper part there is a thin lace to tie them up. This is very convenient for women with slimmer legs.

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