Hey guys! As Winter approaches it's only fitting to prepare for those snowed in days. So I thought I'd recommend a few at home activities so you don't die of boredom when you can't go out.


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An obvious suggestion to start. If you're cooped up all day it's a good time to binge some shows or watch some movies. Grab a snack and a warm drink, sit back, and enjoy.

Make Playlists

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Whether you use Spotify, Pandora, Itunes, or record songs on a casette tape, making playlists is always fun. Compile your favorite songs into a listening experience and then dance or sing around your house.


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This is self explanatory. Grab a good book and escape into a new world for a few hours!


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I know, I know. Right off the bat you may think exercising isn't fun. However, it can be! It can also be relaxing. There are tons of workout videos on youtube that can be super fun to do (I love blogilates), and working out will keep you warm on a cold day. You can even grab some family and friends to do the workout with you.

Board Games/Card Games

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Old fashioned but classic. It will surpise you how fun it can be to gather some family or friends together and play board games/ card games. Uno can get intense. Candyland can be a true battle, It's really entertaining.


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Let your creative juices flow! Get a coloring book, sketch pad, canvas, or journal. Do whatever fits your artistic ability best. It can be very therapeutic to do so.

Make Outfits

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When I'm bored and broke, I like to go through my closet and make outfits. I look here on Weheartit for fashion inspiration and see if I own similar pieces to recreate the look.

Do Puzzles

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If you have the patience to sit down and put together a puzzle then, by all means, you should. It's really good for passing time, and nothing beats the feeling when it all starts coming together. I feel so accomplished whenever I finish a puzzle.


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What's better than baking warm and savory treats in WInter? Nothing. If you're not much into baking you could just try a new recipe and cook something.

Make a fort

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I haven't made a fort in years, so just thinking of doing this is exciting. Making a fort will surely make you feel like a kid again and will be a great place to do some of the other activities I've mentioned.

Tell Stories

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Gather your family or friends around and tell stories: ghost stories, fantasy stories, life stories. It's a good way to use your imagination and spend time with others.

And last but not least

Play in the snow!

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My last at home activity is to go outside. The snow may prevent you from travel, but I'm sure you can make it out to your back yard to have a snowball fight or build a snowman. Also if you have a seasonal affective disorder going outside and being active may help.