marriage is more than just two people being husband and wife. when you marry someone, you are vowing that no matter what you all go through, at the end of the day, there is no one else that you'd rather go through it with. what i mean by that is, life is going to hit you, your relationships with people, your job, etc. it's going to take a toll on your marriage at times too. it's never going to be perfect and happy all the time. you guys will get into arguments, make the other mad, you all are going to disagree. point, blank, period. if you guys didn't argue or have a serious talk from time to time, then that means there would be some covered feelings and you all wouldn't be hearing the other one out 100%. that wouldn't be a true relationship. just because you love that person doesn't mean you have to agree and side on everything the same way. what makes the marriage real is that you all love and accept the other for their flaws, their way of thinking/perspectives, & their personality.

so, well.. course nobody wants problems to come period but they really wouldn't want them if they had to go through them with the one person they truly loved. it wouldn't be worth it, now would it?