I love autumn, this time of the year is so beautiful! I wanted to show you the things that I like most about fall, so here they are!


Image by *...Ỉ'ḿ ạ Qǚёёห...* Image by novel autumn, fall, and Halloween image Image by Cry baby, Cry 🌚🔪

colored leaves

autumn, fall, and nature image autumn and fall image autumn, fall, and leaves image leaves, autumn, and fall image

cozy sweaters

fashion, autumn, and outfit image autumn, fashion, and vibes image autumn, fall, and fashion image fashion, style, and girl image


autumn, chestnuts, and fall image autumn, chestnut, and fall image autumn and chestnut image autumn, leaves, and chestnuts image

hot chocolate

Image by Latefa Anwr chocolate, coffee, and food image gossip girl, chocolate, and food image christmas, food, and marshmallow image


autumn, coffee, and latte image pumpkins and november image autumn, pumpkin, and fall image pumpkin, autumn, and fall image


candle image autumn, fall, and candle image candle, autumn, and pumpkin image candle, autumn, and fall image

These are the things I like most about fall! Which ones do you like most?

I hope you enjoyed this article!

xo Elisabeth