I love to travel. Pretty much half of my memories are traveling with my family. Usually while I'm traveling I would spend months ahead of time researching where to go and what are the best places to visit at a certain time. I split this off into a series so you won't have a huge article to read. Note: This isn't in any specific order.

1. Venice, Italy

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Honestly this place is SO beautiful and peaceful. Everything there is kind of low key and the scenery is just stunning! I went here just last summer and I fell in love with this easy going city. You really only need about 3 days in Venice at max. You can spend about a day touring all the landmarks such as:
*Rialto Bridge
*St. Marco Square
*Grand Canal
*St. Mark's Clock Tower
*St. Mark's Basilica
Every single one of these places are walking distance apart and can easily be reached. In Venice, since everything is walking distance I recommend bring a paper map because Google and all the other digital maps get so confused and get you lost. Back in the 1600s Venice was most known for being a port for trade goods and making blown glass. Long story short, you CAN NOT leave Venice without shopping for something. There are great deals and so much variety for you purchase. You can get blown glass which comes in animals, necklaces, and lights. I even bought a few necklaces for my friends. Another thing that people buy are masks. Of course, you can buy a lot more but these are unique to Venice itself. As you know, gondolas are a big thing in Venice but it takes you an hour in the sun just to go in a mini circle. Instead, you can take the water taxi for half the price, nice shade, and half the time.

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2. Rome, Italy

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Rome is full of history and culture! Everywhere you look you see a glimpse from the past! Rome is bustling with tourist from around the world. Unlike Venice, Rome has A LOT of people and it can easily get hectic during the day. I would recommend spending about 5 days here because there is so much to see. Some landmarks that are must sees are:
*St. Peter's Basilica
*Vatican City
*Trevi Fountain
*Roman Forum
Rome's landmarks are quite spread out so you will need some sort of transportation. Most people choose public transport and I must admit that it's an efficient way to get around. HOWEVER Rome is notorious for pickpocketers in public transport so be careful and watch your stuff. What I chose was to take a tour bus and some even come with commentary! One famous event that you can do at the Basilica is see the pope. Now before we start discussing a sensitive topic let's move on. On Wednesdays you can go to the Basilica to see the pope, the Vatican is so very close that while people are seeing the pope, you can visit the Vatican with nobody there! It's a great trick to know and you can pretty much save yourself 4-5 hours of waiting time. There are plenty of souvenirs that you can bring home to your family. Although there is nothing unique I brought home a mini Colosseum replica and a few magnets. You may not be able to bring back anything but Rome's ice cream is so refreshing! It's always so hot and humid and you can get nice creamy ice cream anywhere. I would definitely bring lots of water so you don't get heatstroke. Oh! I almost forgot! Rome has a BEAUTIFUL fountain called the Trevi Fountain. Fun Fact: People throw coins into the pool and take a picture. At night, I machine comes to pick all the coins up. There is an average of 1,000,000 euros in the pool each day!

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*Now I'm pretty sure you guys are going to tell me I didn't cover all places. I know I haven't but these are the places I myself have been to but here are some places that you should also visit in Italy.

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Thank you so much for reading this! I spent a long time writing. Please excuse all spelling and grammar errors. Thanks! :3