1. Take a moment to appreciate what you have in your life.
Sometimes you just need to sit back and reflect on things you usually disregard. This happens to everyone. Think of any thing in your life that brings you joy. This could be family, friends, hobbies, or even your workplace. There is happiness in everything we do. When I start to feel down, I try to do my very best to bring joy to the people around me. Something as simple as a smile can make another persons day better. If you're a cashier, you have great power in spreading positivity. It may sound small but it can make a whole world of difference.

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2. Try to find something that fuels your brain.
If life starts feeling dull, begin something new! You can go to the gym, take up a new hobby, get a part- time job, take some classes in school. Keeping your brain active is very important in this world. Any of these things can leave you feeling more positive at the end of the day. You will look back and feel very productive.

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3. Remember that everyone is human!
People can become very caught up in becoming hateful to others. When you're on a crowded train, in a mall, or even walking down the street, you can get angry at people for walking slowly or bumping into you. We are ALLLLLL HUMAN...just going about our days. Some people like to take their time and stroll. Some people are actually at peace and walk to take things in. The world has become so fast paced that we step over anyone that sees beauty around them. Take a second....breathe and just think before you get that rage in your head. Try your best to spread positivity instead of negativity.

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The world is so beautiful! People are so unique and brilliant. Nature is so amazing <3
Something as simple as a unique leaf can cause such satisfaction to your brain. Different shapes and sizes of trees, buildings that humans have created. It's just such an amazing time to be alive. DO you ever have those moments when something just gives you chills? Like....you look at a the sky and its just so beautiful that you can't take it in as much as you'd like. Even when you see a picture that you've captured of that moment, it's just not the same. Sometimes I just can't control the feelings I get in this world.

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5. Take risks!
Some people get to a point in their life where they feel stuck and it seems like they've been in that place before. You start making the same choices over and over. Maybe you say no to everything people ask you to do. START SAYING YES. DO MORE. EXPERIENCE EVERYTHING YOU CAN. LITERALLY JUST......DO IT. IT IS THAT SIMPLE. I PROMISE. WE GOT THIS!!!!!!!!

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