When Niall released ''This Town'' I couldn't wait to hear more of his angelic voice... Then all of a sudden ''Slow hands'' came and I was surprised how a 'dirty' song sounds so 'innocent' from him.
And finally we got the album which is what the article is about..!!
I decided to write about a list about my favourite to my least favourite song of the album.
2.Since we are alone
3.Paper Houses
4.Slow Hands
5.Seeing blind
6.Too much to ask
7.On my own
8.This town
10.On the loose
11.You and me
12.Fire away
13.The tide
P.S That's my personal opinion which it doesn't mean that is what everyone likes.I believe that all the songs are beautiful and meaningful and than Niall did a great job.!
All the love, Alex