Hey, hearters! It's the start of another week . . .

Enjoy this playlist I've put together for all the girl bosses out there: the girls that like to get things done, the girls that like to dance at midnight, the girls that like to go on spontaneous road trips, the girls who are searching for happiness.

Girl Almighty by One Direction

Image by novel quote and tattoo image

I Did Something Bad by Taylor Swift

burning, Lyrics, and quote image aesthetic, calligraphy, and pastel image

Pretty Girl by Clairo

polaroid, claire cottrill, and clairo image clairo and pretty girl image

New Rules by Dua Lipa

dua lipa and wallpaper image header, layout, and twitter image

Our Deal by Best Coast

girl, glitter, and party image Image by green gentleman & ugly duckling flowers, sunflower, and yellow image cat, cute, and kitten image

Knee Socks by Arctic Monkeys

stranger things, red knee high socks, and yummy popcorn image alex turner, arctic monkeys, and tumblr image

Float On by Modest Mouse

Somewhere Somehow by Oddnesse

flowers, spring, and hands image flowers, dandelion, and photography image

Prom Queen by Molly Kate Kestner

Good Girls by LANY

advice, care, and enjoy image pink, girl, and feminism image

She Way Out by The 1975

quotes, gold, and baby image quotes, yourself, and tumblr image quotes, pink, and you can image dog, cute, and puppy image


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