In this article I give you some advice how to get over sad and hard times in life
all the tips helped and still help me go through hard times

talking to poeple

the most important thing for me is to talk about the things that make me sad, it can help so much just to tell someone about all those feelings (even if you need a few weeks for talking about feelings do it when you need it) of course it should be someone you trust and feel comfortable with

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listen to music

when you find the right music it helps you so much to get over things so for example I have lost my best friend and while I was trying to get over this "breakup" I always listened to "Let it go - James Bay" and it helped, the lyrics and the sound of the song itself were so healing for me
try it out and listen to the kind of music you need

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try to keep on living

even if it´s hard, try to distract you as much as you can with the things you love if it´s doing sports then always on go on with that or if it´s drawing draw even more than you normally draw whatever the things are you do in your freetime keep on doing them and don´t let this one thing destroy your life always try to keep on living and doing the things you love

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don´t forget your friends

let your friends distract you of the things that hurt and drag you down Go out, meet new people and try to have fun, life will get better soon and your friends love you even if you´re sad or moody
and do things with your friends even if you don´t want to, seeing them have fun or even having fun with them helps

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be alone and cry if you need to

just cry your soul out of your body and eat as much choclate as you get you also need to be alone and think about the things that went wrong to get over them but don´t do it too much just at those times where you really can´t move because of the sadness and emotions

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always remember you´re not alone and life goes on even in hard times there are good things and stay positive even in the darkest times, don´t let the sadness control your life

love to you all xx