Since I was about two years old, my grampy would always let me pick the tomatoes and peas from his garden for supper later that day. That was special to me, and it remains that way today, where every spring I harvest all the peaches from his trees.

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Vegetable gardening was a hobby of mine, and a family past time that bears nostalgia. Never once at Grampy & Grammy's house did I eat meat. I painted, played the piano, ate sweets and honey, watched disney VHS tapes, etcetera. I gardened, I fed the birds, I fed the ducks on walks to the pond. It was simple and minimalistic.

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At the age of four, I moved all around the world, due to my daddy's job. I was exposed to all types of gardens and foods, like sushi when I lived in Japan, and literally the best chocolate I've ever tasted in Belgium. However, none of it compared to Grampy's garden, that's just where I yearned to be, it was home.

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Eating the food that reflected on my early childhood, I ate as little meat as possible while still being an omnivore, unconsciously. However, to be honest, I consumed a lot of meat when I moved back to America. For five years I didn't know any better because there were chain restaurants everywhere. Now I've free to make my own decisions.

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animals are precious children of God. I want to love and care for them.

I've come to realize that I consumed animal products selfishly. Why should I eat meat if I didn't even enjoy it? Harmless animals were dying for no reason. Food could be delicious without meat, I had a sweet tooth anyways.

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It's not difficult at all! It's a lot more fun to watch your own plants grow, or even visit the farmer's market, where it's easy to make friends with all the simplistically happy old couples. For me, I've been a lot more involved in baking with my mother, and I go on picnics more often.

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Animals are all precious, and all deserve to live. If you wouldn't eat a kitten, why would you eat a pig? My kitchen is lively and I'm healthier than I've been before, and I've happy with the choices I've made.

This article wasn't meant to offend anyone who eats meat. It's just a panel to write my thoughts.