I have been waiting for you. Every place I have been I was there looking for you. And when you didn't show up, I lost my hope.

It took me long time to realize that I don't have to stop living my life while I am waiting for you. But I still need to keep my mind open, because you can come and my eyes need to see you.

You could have been the crush from childhood I ever thought I have chance. You could have been that cute guy from the camp. Or you could have been that person, who I met when my heart was broken.

You could have been that nice and handsome man, I met in the bar when my friends abounded me. You could have been that nice Tinder match who recognized me from my part-time job. Or you could have been the guy my friend introduced me in her party.

But you could be the person next to me in train when I am traveling to visit my parents. You could be the person who crosses the street and smiles to me. You could be a cute guy in party who kisses me because of the drinking game.

You could also be the old friend from the childhood, who I hated as a kid. You could be the best friend of my brother, who I'll meet in the wedding I have waited forever. Or you could be the neighbor of mine, who helps me to move my things to my new apartment.

I don't know who are you or when you'll come to my life, but one thing I know. All my life has been and will be the road to you...