How do you feel?

I really hope you are feeling awesome, but in case you don't feel as good as you want, I'm here to write a little article talking about this topic.

Ok, we both know what dangerous feelings are, I mean they have the power to control our lives, we act because we feel, that's because if we are not feeling... everything is bad.
In theory, we are always feeling something, but people who are depressed don't think like this, one of the mean symptoms of depression is that you don't feel excitement for the thing you used to love anymore

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And believe me, nothing is more frustrating than not feel anymore.
I think nothing can help more than music and movies, at least for me art has been always a way to feel better, so if you are passing for something like this try to have a complete day just for yourself and your hobbies, that will help you a lot trust me.

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I know we are going to overcome the struggle to feel...