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autumn..colors of,yellow,brown,dark brown, red, a little green... Is not it peace? When autumn comes, i don't need any silence, i don't need any different things.Because there is autumn, in front of me, it looks to me with wonderful colors. I said 'I don't need any silence.' because autumn is silence with everything.
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For some people, autumn is sadness. When leaves fall these people thinks their loves.They remember all of memories, they feel like it was first day, it was first look, first kiss, first cry,first scream..also they know, when a leaf falls, it changes. Like every person.
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So.. what is autumn for me? For me, autumn is his dark eyes..his hair..his wonderful eyelashes.. Autumn is his voice, his smile but unfortunately autumn is like his dark heart. I brought my love in there. Like tree's yellow leaves but he didn't notice to my love. He noticed the sun, he looked to green leaves. He didn't look yellow leaves on the ground.I'm on the ground for him, I'm screaming but he can't see to me. His heart is so cold for me but i can't stand.I know, there won't be anything. I will always fall to ground, i won't shine like green leaves. He won't look to me. But I won't change.. just.. just I will love him, despairingly..