Hello, hello, hello and welcome to another article. I had this awesome idea to explain why we hate Monday and ways to accept this worst day of the week. I know it's hard the beggining not only of the week, but also in our life. We like most the weekend. Me too! So let's see...

To begin with, Monday is made for new CHANCES. We start our week again and again for a reason. To forgive ourself, forget our mistakes and things we did last week. Moreover, we make new experiences and new memories. You should remember and keep only the positive thoughts. It's gonna help you pass easily the rest of the week.

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Secondly, Monday is the day, which reminds us that weekend is on the road! Even if Monday isn't a good day and your week didn't start as you wanted,it's gonna have a happy end! Make sure you have creative and exciting plans for the weekend. Just focus on this. And I'm sure that even Monday will be a great Monday.

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We, also, have to accept and realise that Monday is just like the other days! Hard to imagine it. You should check your week programme and the things you have to do on Monday compared to the other days. Maybe you'll see that Monday is not that hard day and it could be more relaxing than you thought it would be.

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So here comes the question..... « Why do we really hate Monday? ».
We don't like this day because start our week with negative vibes. We believe that something bad is gonna come on Monday. We desperatelly want the weekend to come and stay at home and do nothing. But, we don't see that every single day is important and valuable. LIVE THIS MOMENT ENJOY THIS MOMENT.

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I hope i helped, just a little, to love Monday. Please try to treat her like Friday. It's going to be difficult but then she will show you her love too. Check my account, my other articles and....... See yaaaaaaa....

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Me and you against the world....

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