one of the most important thing I've learnt so far is the concept of "Armor" everyone , or at least most of us hides behind a certain shield .. they wear it everywhere they go like it's a part of them . armor come in a really wide variety ..

religion is armor , society vales are armor , the lies we tell our selves , the family , the friends ..each one of us has their own..

you are so afraid to think by yourself are afraid of what you may find if you let your mind wander in the mysterious places..that's why you believe and so hide behind the religion armor .

you are afraid of not being loved or accepted , so you wear society values whether right or wrong ..whether you like them or not

you are afraid of loneliness and abundant .. you are afraid to be alone with your thoughts .. you are afraid to have no one .. that's why you surround yourself with family and friends ..

you tell lies to yourself because you are afraid to face the truth .. it's easier to say you are bad at math than actually trying to understand it .. it's easier to say you hate people than going out and getting to know some of's easier to wait for gods to answer your prayers than to actually go out and get what you want .

let me tell you something kid, it may be hard .. it maybe insane .. you know what ? fuck the armors .. break your goddamn shield and start to face life .. grab a sword instead and destroy your fears ...get out of your hole and taste the light.. you were born free , don't create your own prison .. experience life without your shields and then you will know how silly and tiring it is to hold hat heavy shit wherever you go .. free your mind kid ..and nothing will chain you ever again !