Heeyy everyone,
Today I am back with a very exciting article, because its about studying! Woaah, haha. But seriously we spend so much time studying, then we should better make it worthy. So here are some tips, and I hope that they are gonna work for you. I tried to not do logic ones like 'have a clean desk', it's important, but I think that we should also think about.. Like the.. Okay just read it haha :

1. the way you study

I'm so typical with this one, because I have seen it in other articles about studying too. But really guys it's true! I have had friends who spent so much time studying, and they still got bad grades. But It was just about the way they studied. Everyone has their own way of studying, so I can't really decide that for you. But don't stress if you didn't find out yours yet. It's probably just gonna take some time. Just try out some different ways and see which one works best for you. You're gonna find the right one, I promise
For example : you can study with flashcards, websites or resumes. There are so many ways.

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2. Music

I think this is different for everyone too, but if you think music makes you concentrate better than I want to say something else : Make sure you make a playlist on forehand, so you don't have to choose another song over and over again. To be honest, I never do this, but it's really distracting to choose a song everytime.

And if you are trying to find good songs you should also check my other article ;) :
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3. Nice looking notes

I know this is kind of Obvious, but for me it's really motivational to have nice looking notes. It's just.. so much better! Here's some inspiration :

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if you tried one of these, make sure to send me a photo, because I would love to see how they turned out ^.^

4. Use your senses

Maybe you have heard this one before, but it's really useful. Let's use as an example that you have to study for an upcoming French test.

  • speaking, say the words.
  • listening, while you speak the words you can record that and listen to it. In that way you have used the speaking and you can listen to it, everywhere you want ;)
  • touching. Okay this one is a bit difficult to do, but maybe if you have words that say something about things you have in your house.. You can like point at them, oh haha this probably sounds super weird. You can also write the words down though.
  • looking. Read the words out loud or in silence

Personally, I think that this really works with studying words, but you can of course also use other methods for looking. Like websites, flashcards. Everything is possible :B

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5. Revision

Yes, it's that tip that your teacher Always tells you, but you probably think 'nah'. Well girl, I am totally on your side, but it's a good tip though. Revising words and other information after you have studied them , is actually the key to a good grade. So Revise, and revise, and revise, and revise. Oh and also, lets revise!

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6. bad grades

Don't let bad grades define your future grades. I just got a bad grade for economics (whoops hehe) but that shouldn't define your next grades. Just see it as a motivation to work harder. And also don't compare your grades with the grades of other people. From my own life I know that I do it a lot, but life isn't a competition! Everyone has their own abilities and struggles, it's impossible to Always be the best. You are good enough, even when someone else has a better grade.

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7. planner

Last but for sure not least, use a planner. It's so important you guys. And for me being done with something and marking it in my planner is such a feeling of enjoyment. Haha, just try to find something to make you happy and be organised. I know it's hard sometimes, especially when you have many tests coming up, but just take a moment to organise your room, your agenda and there you go! Of course you can also write everything in your bullet journal and make it look just as nice as your notes ;)

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So this was my study-tips article, I hope you enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed writing it. To be honest I am not super good in studying, but I am just trying to help you guys with finding your way. Just like I am still finding mine. Also I wanna thank y'all so much for liking my first article. I have like almost 500 likes on it.. Guys, I am so happy to see that. Thank you so so so much. If you haven't read it yet make sure to give it a go :) :

X Vera