Hello Hearters
First of all I want to introduce me. I’m a girl from Germany and do we don’t drink beer all the time. Often. But not always. I’m 16 years old and I live in Bavaria. My little village is one hour away from Munich. I mean I would rather live in Munich but I can’t change it so it’s fine. In this article I will make a few topics so you know who I am. Sorry for my grammar. Have fun.

My sign is a Leo and I really am a Leo. My horoscope is almost all the time right. I’m extroverted and love spending time with my friends and family but I also need time alone. I laugh loud and dance and sing (although I neither can dance or sing lol).

I like going to school and maybe most of you don’t know what school is like in Bavaria so I don’t have to tell you in which school I am and so on. I have quite good grades and all of my best friends and me have the same classes.

I play tennis and I love it. And I read books.

I love chocolate and tea and I don’t like coffee. I love a tidy room but mines always a mess. I mean not always but most of the time.

Last words
Please don’t judge Bavaria :D. I know most of the people think there’s only the Oktoberfest, Lederhosen, farmers, cows and beer. I will post some pictures but not know. I promise.
Hope you like my first article.

XoXo M
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